The success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro has shown the demand that is there for its kind of portable devices. There has never been an enthusiastic response from other Windows PC makers. But now there’s Lenovo Miix 720, that goes head-on with Surface Pro 4, in its own style.

Lenovo Miix 720 Has Its Aim On Surface Pro 4

There’s new Motorola phone in the town. The new Moto M tries to fit in the overly crowded segment of mid-range phones. And this one has lots of Lenovo DNA in it than any other Moto phone this year. It’s launching first in India.

Moto M Has Design Inspired By Lenovo

In a quite short period of time Lenovo has launched the latest phone in its K-series, the Lenovo K6 Power. No brownie points for guessing what K6 Power stands for. Obviously, it’s telling you it’s got a plenty of battery juice.

Lenovo K6 Power Puts Up Challenge To Redmi 3S Prime ...

Qualcomm recently launched its flagship SoC, Snapdragon 835, that’s set to appear on 2017 flagships. It’s the first mobile processor to be built using 10nm FinFET process or in other words, it measures up just 10nm. And guess what, Samsung will be making this new processor using its foundry for […]

The 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Will Also Feature Quick Charge ...

Three years since the first OnePlus debuted and this company has managed to keep the hype around it alive. Although it might not have been a flagship killer in terms of sheer sales number, the fact that it’s popularity has been growing remains true. After its predecessor faced lots of […]

OnePlus 3 Review – It laughs In The Face Of ...