Android Marshmallow Is The Next Version Of Google’s OS

Android Marshmallow Is The Next Version Of Google’s OS

August 19, 2015 3 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Android M, the beta of next version of Android, has been out for a while and has already seen couple updates. It was enough to give us an idea about what to expect in the next version of Android except for one thing, its name. Well, Google has decided to end the curiosity. The ‘M’ in the name stands for Marshmallow, and the binary version would be 6.0. But that’s not all. Google has more for developers.¬†


Google has outed the final update to Android M Developer Preview. It introduced API Level 23 with Android M and with the final preview it’s also making Android 6.0 SDK available to developers. This will let them use API Level 23 in their apps. Developers can now submit ¬†apps that use API Level 23 to Google Play.

The key features in Android M are Granular app permissions, Doze mode for saving power, inbuilt Fingerprint support, Direct Share which lets users share content within apps. Google will start seeding an OTA update for Nexus devices that are already on Android M Preview. This will be the final update. Android Marshmallow 6.0 will be released for public soon.