With Nokia 8, the company is finally making a return to flagship game. And like old times, it wants to disrupt it with the camera and audio tricks. The Nokia 8 is for the live streaming generation and content creators.

Nokia 8 Is For The Live Streaming Generation

It’s been a while since we heard any rumor from Sony’s camp. We have one now. It is said that Sony’s Compact series of flagship will return with the debut of Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. Sony has been the only maker in the market which made perfect mini sized flagships […]

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Coming On September 10

Here comes a bummer for OnePlus 3 and 3T users. The yesteryear flagships will not be updated beyond Android O which is due for release later this month. It has been confirmed by no one else but company’s product head.

Android O Update For OnePlus 3 and 3T Will Be ...

Panasonic India has launched a couple of new handsets in the market, the Eluga A3 and Eluga A3 Pro. The Eluga A3 and Eluga A3 Pro are not the most exciting out there. Both the phones are identical in their appearance, but have different innards. The A3 is powered by […]

Panasonic Launches Eluga A3 and Eluga A3 Pro In India

There is always that one phone maker that brings a feature from premium phones to budget phones and triggers a new race. LG has done exactly that with its LG Q6 which has extremely narrow bezels ever seen on any budget phone.

LG Q6 Follows In The Footsteps Of G6 With FullVision ...

Here comes the Lenovo K8 Note, the latest in Lenovo’s K series of phones. It succeeds the K6 Note that came before it and only Lenovo knows why it skipped on number 7 here. It is also first Lenovo branded phone to feature dual cameras.

Lenovo K8 Note with Dual Cameras and Stock Android Is ...

OnePlus 5 is already doing a good job as company’s flagship this year. Although it was initially criticized for its design, the market response has been quite well for it. To ramp up the sales even further, OnePlus 5 will be sold in Soft Gold color, but in limited quantities. […]

OnePlus 5 Soft Gold Will Be Sold As Limited Edition ...

Phone makers have always been fans of custom UIs they make. Since its early days in the handset market, Lenovo too made one for its phones called Vibe UI. Such UIs were essential for makers as a differentiating factor and to improve the stock Android to pack new features.

Lenovo Will Dump Vibe UI For Stock Android