$17000 Apple Watch is Strictly for Rich but There Are Cheaper Versions Too for Everyone

In an event day before yesterday, Apple announced more details about its first wearable, Apple Watch. Apple Watch will come in three major trims. Base variant will be called just Apple Watch while the upper trim will be called Apple Watch Sport and the top-end, luxurious one will be called Apple Watch Edition. Each trim has different number of models with the total of all three trims coming at 38. All three trims will come two sizes as well, 38mm and 42mm. Every model comes with different type of straps. Moreover, the three trims use different materials for construction. Head spinning, isn’t it?



The basic trim, Apple Watch will have prices ranging between $549 to $1099. Next is Apple Watch Sport which seats below Apple Watch in terms of pricing with cheapest model priced at $349 and highest model priced at $399. Probably this is the only trim only most of us can afford because the high-end trim is reserved only for the folks with truckload of money. The Apple Watch Edition models start at $10,000 and go all the way up to $17,000.

As for the build quality, Apple Watch (base trim) uses stainless steel case and sapphire crystal display. Apple Watch Sport uses anodized aluminum case and uses Ion-X glass display. We finally arrive at the luxurious and the most interesting Apple Watch Edition. It uses 18 karat gold case and sapphire crystal display. All trims of Apple Watch will deliver 18 hours of battery life, really? Apple, on this planet Earth a day equals 24 hours. It has MagSafe charging port as well. It will be compatible with iPhone only with new iOS 8.2.

To those wondering whether Apple Watch Edition will sell or not, yes it will definitely sell. Those who can afford it will buy it to be the early adopters and show it off in parties. And those guys aren’t even wasting their time reading tweets that try to tell how bad Apple Watch is. It is a jewellery for them. Even if it next year Apple comes with newer Apple Watch, the first version will always have high value. Rolex sure is a great alternative but Apple Watch is the Rolex of new era with tech on your wrist. More on this in a different post but I’m sure Tim Cook has it all sorted out.

By the way, those interested in buying Apple Watch will be able to do so from April 24 and the availability is limited to nine countries, at least initially.