Add A Back Button To Your iPhone 6, 6 Plus With This Smart Screen Protector

iPhone is surely one of the most sought after devices out there. iPhone 6 and its bigger sized variant, 6 Plus, continue the trend. Apple’s UI design isn’t bad either but have you ever felt the lack of back button annoying? Granted, there’s ‘swipe from left’ gesture to go back, but sometimes you just want simplest solution – the back button. This is especially true if you’re switching to iOS from Android.


Now there’s a new Kickstarter project called ‘Halo Back‘ that takes care of this exact problem. In the simplest terms, it’s just a screen protector but with an integrated capacitive link. What it really does is when you tap the ‘back’ button it links it to the onscreen ‘back’ button. Boom! Your problem is solved. On Kickstarter, you can pledge minimum $12 with some special benefits for backers. It’s slated for August 2015 delivery and the suggested retail price is $98. So, so you might want to support it right now. Since it is a Kickstarter project, it may or may not come to reality. It is still worth checking out, though.

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