Adobe Photoshop For Chrome OS Is Here

In what could be called the biggest achievement yet for Google’s Chrome OS, an operating system for PCs, Adobe has showed the support by launching its famous Photoshop app for the platform. Adobe launched the app as a part of its Creative Cloud suit of apps. You can definitely expect more Adobe apps to launch on the Chrome OS in coming days. This particular version of the Photoshop will run in Adobe’s cloud and will do all necessary calculation there. So the weak hardware of the Chromebooks won’t be an issue. Although, there have been some image editors available on ChromeOS, Adobe’s Photoshop is way powerful than anything out there with its huge set of kick-as$ features.


Adobe Photoshop on Chrome OS will be fully integrated with Google Drive, so you can access your files from anywhere. Initially it’ll be available only to education customers in the USA with a paid Creative Cloud membership. You can apply for it here. While it’s really a good news which should give you a one more reason to carry around the Chromebook, how many other apps follow the suit remains to be seen. For the matter of fact, lack of apps has always been ChromeOS’ shortcoming and we mentioned that in our HP Chromebook 14 review too. Very recently Google launched the first set of Android apps ported to Chrome OS. But tailor made apps for Chromebooks will be a different thing altogether.