Aluminium Claded Nokia Catwalk To Replace Lumia 920

January 4, 2013 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

If the rumors are true then we will see the polycarbonate on current Nokia flagship phones replaced by the solid yet lighter aluminum. N8, E7 were one of the few devices that used Aluminum body for the last time. With N9/Lumia 800 Nokia decided to switch to polycarbonate construction. While polycarbonate has its own advantages, there’s nothing that can aluminum construction when it comes to looks, feel and durability. The recent Nokia flagship Lumia 920 which also uses polycarbonate is kind of heavy compared to other similarly sized devices. To make their next flagship lighter Nokia is looking to aluminum. According to Verge a device that uses aluminum construction is in works and it’s codenamed Catwalk. This also reminded me of the Lumia FX800 a concept phone based on metal chassis which appeared few months ago.


There is no other information available at this moment. The rumored handset is rumored to debut later this year along with two other Lumia’s. We’re sure that going back to aluminum construction will bring the glory to the Lumia devices.

Source | Via