Amazon WorkMail Will Compete With Microsoft And Google In Enterprise

For years, Amazon has been known for its solid online marketplace. Those folks are, dare I say, biggest in cloud computing. Amazon makes smart gadgets. Amazon is (almost) everywhere. So, enterprise would have been an obvious next step for this internet giant. That’s the biggest and most profitable market. Let’s just call it ‘cash cow’.

Amazon’s new step is surely exciting for its enterprise customers, IT professional and a clear threat to Microsoft and Google. Amazon’s new service called WorkMail will offer email and calendar services to its users. The clever move by Amazon is that it will still let its users all their existing tools so they don’t feel awkward. And its pricing is attractive too with $4/user/month for a WorkMail inbox which gets you 50GB of storage along with it. If you add Amazon’s document management suite called Zocalo, you would still be paying just $6/user/month. Right now, Microsoft leads the race and Google follows it. Microsoft has upper hand with its suite of Office apps which even Google finds hard to match.

This service will go live in next quarter. It’s in initial stages and there are lot of changes to come but let’s not underestimate Amazon and its prowess in cloud computing. And with them holding most of cloud computing, it’d be interesting to see if the company manages to convince it users to use WorkMail. As far as Microsoft and Google are concerned, they will need to closely watch Amazon’s game.

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