Android Apps Arrive On Google’s ChromeOS

Earlier this year at Google I/O Google announced its plans to bring Android apps to its Chrome OS. Google developed App Runtime for Chrome to fulfill the purpose, which is still in the beta phase. Google’s plan has come to fruition with the first set of Android for Chrome OS. The first batch has only four apps. This includes Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Notes and Vine. To be honest Vine’s inclusion looks odd to me and I doubt if users will actually use their Chromebook’s camera to create apps. That apart, today’s news should mark the important milestone for Chrome OS.


The OS which aims to go head-to-head with Windows on personal computers, lacked a good app ecosystem while its mobile counterpart, Android is rich with tons of apps. Although, both operating systems are from Google, Chrome OS didn’t really get attention from app developers. And letting Android app developers extend their reach without major efforts is going to be win-win for both Google and devs. Going forward, at some point Google might just merge their two operating systems to create a unified experience for every party in the ecosystem and end users will be benefited the most if that happens.

Apparently, Google is deciding which Android apps are ported to Chrome OS and is reaching out to developers of select apps to work with them. Google has promised that more apps will come to Chrome OS in coming months. You can even suggest your favorite apps to Google by going here. Android users, will you switch to Chromebooks if you get all your apps there? Do you think it’ll boost the sales of Chromeboks? Our HP Chromebook 14 review might help you a bit to know a thing or two about ChromeOS and Chromebooks. Let us know what do you think about today’s announcements in the comments below.