Android Nougat Update for Motorola Phones Will Arrive Soon

Motorola, which often pushes out latest Android updates faster than others and quickly after Nexus devices, took too long to about Nougat update plans. You can stop doing the guesswork as the official list of Android Nougat update for Motorola phones is out.

There are plenty of recent phones eligible for Android Nougat update. Surprisingly the list doesn’t mention any of the third generation Moto G phones. However, the third generation Moto X and all its variants, including Droid Turbo, are on the list.


Android Nougat for Motorola phones will start with Motorola flagships, Moto Z and Moto Z Play in Q4 2016. Others will follow soon after that.

You can check out the product software update page to see the status of the update.