Apparently This Android Convert Isn’t Happy With The Choice He Made

Hearing stories of converts in the tech world is nothing new. We hear stories in our friend circle, on web and practically everywhere. But the one that ends up on Reddit gotta be intresting one, followed by lengthy and equally interesting replies from fellow Redditers.

One of the Redditers posted his story of switching from iOS running iPhone to Android running Galaxy Note 4. And apparently he is regretting the choice he made. He has put forward many legit points, at least from his experience and perspective. He has aptly named the thread, “To those of you thinking of switching to android… confessions of a note 4 user” Do you expect Redditers to ‘keep calm and agree’? Ha, that’s never going to happen. As expected, this thread has become a chain of comments and replies and replies to replies. Commentators include both the groups iFans (a.k.a. iSheeps) and Android smartypants and obviously internet trolls. Nonetheless, it’s quite interesting to read the views of OP.


Here’s what he has to say,

music. what a nightmare. i am used to a very well organized and rated itunes library. no worries. i am not married to the idea of itunes. the problem is that there is no equivalent out there that does the same thing with android devices. everyone i ask that has an android device has zero music management going on. “i just drag and drop, bro” or “but you cant torrent music on you iphone” is the standard answer. there is a software that supposedly syncs samsung devices to itunes and such that is called keis. this software has NEVER worked for me on my mac book pro.

On App Store vs. Play Store. With ‘app store’ he is referring to the Play Store.

app store. its a cluster fuck. i really have no other way to put it. 90% of the apps are half baked (this passes for good to go btw).

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