Asus’ G55 Gaming Laptop Is A Bag Full Of Hits and Misses

Asus’ G55 Gaming Laptop Is A Bag Full Of Hits and Misses

June 22, 2015 0 By Saiprasad Prabhu

Asus and gaming aren’t new to each other. The company is famous for all the products that excite gamers. Asus created RoG – Republic of Gamer – sub-brand out of its love for the gamer community. RoG dates back to 2006. Hard-core gamers don’t need to be told all this, but new kids on the block must know RoG.

When we received the Asus’ G55 RoG laptop, we’re quite excited about it. It’s not something which everyone around would be using. I’ll just try to find out if it really is the ‘gem’ it claims to be. It will have to try real hard to justify that whopping ~$1300 (INR 81,990) tag.


As soon as you open the box, you’re greeted with a laptop which has premium look and feel. The top of Asus G55 (back of the display) has subtle brushed metal finish and it’s so well crafted, it’s hard to tell it’s using plastic. Let’s just call it ‘the hood’ in this review. There’s a precisely designed and printed Asus logo. Right below it is the RoG logo which goes in the flow with the rest of the design. Asus G55 follows the RoG design philosophy with the combo of Red and Black. RoG logo is backlit as well but since it is red in color, it can be seen in all its glory only in the dark. The point here I’d like to make is Asus has indeed used the material which justifies the hefty price tag.


Like its price tag, Asus G55 will be heavy for your shoulders if you plan to carry it around. Why so? Well, it weighs whole 2.7kg but that is expected from a laptop which focuses solely on gaming. Gamers wouldn’t need an explanation for this. By the way, it still falls under medium-lightweight category of gaming laptops. Beat this.

Pop up the hood and the RoG styled keyboard welcomes you. Even under the hood, Asus has made no compromise with the quality of the chassis. While there are no two ways about the quality but it is a dust magnet. There are four speaker grills above the keyboard with RoG branding in the center. Since it’s a full sized keyboard, you get ample of space to play around. The keyboard is backlit as well and uses red light. The WASD keys, favourite amongst gamers, are highlighted and stand apart from rest of the keys. These essential keys are comfortably placed and offer good feedback as well.


Going ahead with the design, I must mention Asus has paid enough attention to the detailing of the exhaust vents which are on the left side. The curvy exhaust grill makes Asus G55 look stunning even from the sideways. Optical drive on the right side is curvy as well, further complementing the looks.

Asus-G55-RoG-Left-min Asus-G55-RoG-Right-min

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