AT&T Will Carry Samsung Gear S

ATT-Samsung-Galaxy-Gear-SAT&T will be carrying Samsung’s latest wearable, Gear S. Unlike the other wearables produced by Samsung, Gear S runs on Samsung’s own Tizen OS instead of Android. It packs quite a punch too. Samsung Gear S sports a dual core 1GHz CPU with 512MB of RAM. So you’ll be technically carrying the specs on your wrist which used to be inside phones sometimes back.

Samsung’s famous 2 inch S-AMOLED display will be present too,with 360×480 resolution. It has all the standard connectivity options including WiFi,Bluetooth,aGPS, GLONASS and USB. Samsung Gear S will be able to detect your heart rate too with its sensors. And Gear S is water and dust resistant too with IP67 rating.

AT&T will soon be offering Gear S with in-store previews starting from tomorrow,that is 26th September. ATT hasn’t revealed its pricing yet but we will know about it when Gear S hits the shelves.