AT&T and T-Mobile Are Taking Pre-Orders for LG V10

LG V10, the greatest cameraphone till date, is landing in the USA soon. AT&T and T-Mobile will start taking pre-orders for LG’s phone from October 27 and October 28 respectively. It will be available in AT&T’s stores from November 6 and from October 30 in T-Mobile’s stores. T-Mobile is offering it for $25/mo with $0 down.  On AT&T, pricing starts from $23.34/mo (30 months) with $0 down. You will get an extra battery, charging cradle and a 200GB memory card – perfect for shooting pro videos if you buy it before November 15.


Here’s a quick refresh about LG V10. It’s the first phone ever to boast full manual controls for video recording. It is being targeted at the content creators who want a pocketable camera which can shoot like a pro. LG V10 comes close. Apart from manual focus in videos, it can also manipulate sound being recorded through its three microphones to give that cinematic experience. Another feature of LG V10 is that it has a 2.1-inch display above its 5.7-inch QuadHD display to show notifications, controls etc. It Snapdragon 808 hexa-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 16MP camera.