Samsung Putting bada OS Users To The Ultimate ‘Patience Test’,2.0 update pushed to Q1 2012

In what could be scalled as super bad news for first gen bada and Wave owners, Samsung has reportedly postponed the bada 2.0 update to Q1 2012. The bada 2.0 which is supposed to bring dramatic changes to the platform was announced in January 2011 and debuted in August 2011 at IFA in Germany and running on Wave 3. Samsung had also promised this update for all previous Wave devices but very recently they dropped Wave 525 and Wave 533 from their update plans and decided to provide ‘Value Pack’ to these devices instead. While it can be understood that theses devices can not support bada 2.0 fully because of hardware limitations there’s absolutely no reason for delaying updates to their previous flagships Wave and Wave II. According SamMobile work on bada 2.0 ROMs for these two devices finished around October-November but Samsung still holding on bada 2.0 update. The SamMobile cites reason for this that Samsung may want to keep bada 2.0 exclusive to new Wave devices, Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y.

While this is good for sales of new devices the move has irritated existing bada owners even more, beyond their patience. The physical prodcuts for the OS which was announced in January 2011 are now where have started appearing, Wave 3 hit shelves just few days back. First Samsung had promised to roll out bada 2.0 update in July 2011, then postponed it to September, then Q4 2011 but not October or September. And now even Q4 is near to its end but no signs of bada 2.0 update yet. And if bada 2.0 comes in Q1 2012 then it’s coming after one whole year. Searching on various bada forums shows that their are many bada users than one would imagine but all of them are upset because Samsung not keeping their words. Users are expressing their anger on these forums and most of them have prepared themselves to sell their Wave phones and go for Android itself. Apart from spoiling bada brand it’s also spoiling Samsungs image in after sales. If we look around Samsung is clearly giving preference to Android instead of their homegrown platform and as a proof they also released ICS ROM for their Android flagship Galaxy S2 couple of days ago. Though Samsung has not explicitely told about bada 2.0 update in Q1 2012, it’s the SamMobile which has previously managed to give taste of bada 2.0 [leaked]  ROMs to Wave owners so we can trust them. We tried to contact Samsung on this issue on Twitter but they never reverted. We just hope that Samsung won’t delay the bada 2.0 any further and will instead please their bada customers by giving new year gift.

Courtesy: SamMobile