bada OS users we’ve got a news for you,not the one you’d like to hear

bada OS users we’ve got a news for you,not the one you’d like to hear

December 22, 2011 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Couple of days back we published a post higlitghting the Samsung’s failure to update their own bada OS on time and how it was delayed from time to time. We’re expecting it to appear in Q1 2012 and hopefully in January but it seems that all is not good at Samsung R&D labs.

The Facebook page of Samsung Italia today published a long post describing the current status of the bada 2.0 OS. According to them since bada 2.0 is major update from 1.x version they are facing some compatibility issues. They said that they want to remove all incompaitilites from the OS so that it can run on existing devices and use the existing user data and applications. ┬áSo it seems that OS is not stable at this point of time. According to Samsung Italia, the R&D teams are investigating all issues and trying to remove but it seems that it will take more time than expected. Because of all these problems bada 2.0 won’t be coming to existing Wave devices this year end nor in January or February as anticipated. Samsung hopes to complete the development in coming weeks though they have not given any specific dates. If everything goes fine and as planned then Samsung is hopeful about rolling out the update to Wave devices around March-April 2012. We’re done with the news here. Looking at the pace of bada OS development we think it’s better not to comment.

Thanks to our friend @AlgerianAm on twitter for this tip!

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