CREO Wants To Give You A New Phone Every Month In A Clever Way

Let’s just admit it, the spec race in smartphones has become a tad too boring, especially in Android camp. We now have seen everything. Someone’s trying to give us a fancy, functional UI while someone else is promising us butter smooth performance with a clean software. If you buy a new phone today, you will soon get used to it, and there won’t be anything new about it. But what if someone is offering you a new phone every month? Unbelievable, right? An Indian start-up has a plan just to do that.

No, this is not some Ponzi scheme or that $4 smartphone which vanished into thin air. CREO, the company behind this plan, is making a phone dubbed Creo Mark 1. This company has also already raised $3M in funding which is pretty big for a company without a real product yet.


CREO is not really going to take the old phone from you and give you a new one. Rather it will add new features every month, so you get that feeling of “new phone”. While the specs are not out yet, the company will be competing on the software. CREO is saying it will roll out one “big” feature every month. It’s OS will be a forked version of Android.

Yes, the possibilities with today’s smartphones are unlimited, but how many big features one can imagine? So it seems CREO already has a long list to keep its promise.

CREO has not given any ETA for the release of its phone or its pricing. It has just put up a teaser video that roughly gives any idea about CREO’s plans. From the video it seems the CREO Mark 1 will have iPhone-ish design. But as soon as there are more details, I shall let you know.