Review: Daum PotPlayer – Play Them All

March 2, 2013 2 By Faisal Bin Ahmed


Today we’re gonna review a media player app for you that many of you have never heard of. We know there are lots of other software specially open source VLC player to do the same thing even windows media player has become a very well contender of media player race but this particular one needs some attentions it deserves. This is very different from them in many ways. I personally love this app and have been using this since it was released. So you’ll get a review from not only a reviewer but also a user.



The default interface of the player is very simple and user friendly, some navigation  and play/pause buttons. The recent default skin also provides the playback & remaining time on bottom along with some functionality toggle keys. On the top it has typical 3 windows minimize/maximize/close keys. Top window also shows the name of currently playing file.

The player is highly skinnable. There are lots of skin of this player on the internet. When i said ‘skin’ i meant it. That means they’re not just color changing themes. When you change a skin, the player changes entirely to a new look. For example if you choose VLC skin it will change itself in a VLC player that you can’t differentiate from the original. Love theming? Don’t be sad already! It also supports color changing theme which you can change in every skin. And to make it further unique it comes with a logo chooser which can be a fun to many.

4skin that looks like Splash player

If you’re playing a video you might have seen a little on screen display which shows current playing position, volume, remaining time. On the audio side the player UI is more cool. It might not replace your fancy audio player but interface wise it is far superior than most of the popular media players people use. It has some cool visualization effects though it doesn’t support album art nor lyrics. You might also like the playlist option it offers.



Here comes the most interesting part. It plays files so smoothly that you won’t believe it until you try it yourself. In my opinion when it comes to smoothness playback this player blows every player out of the water. The most favorite part of this player for me is its seeking. It seeks every file so effortlessly while showing you the preview of current video frame. The seeker never lags and one of the fastests out there. The player supports wide range of video/audio formats like avi, mp4, mkv, mp3, wma, wmv.. in fact it plays every file you throw at it and comes with built in codecs like the VLC player so you won’t need to install other third party codecs tool.


The video processing  is very detailed and fast unlike the grainy quality of VLC player. While playing a big(<10GB) video file at 1080P it was able to produce more details & clarity than its competitors. Playback doesn’t lag at all. It takes a very little amount of system resource from your PC so older PCs can play bigger file without any hiccups.

Same goes to audio playback . The quality is fine and the sound seems very natural. It gives you the ability to change equalizer settings, select audio stream/speakers/sample rate and renderers


I’d like to say that the customization is the main feature of this player. It gives you the authority to change or modify every possible option. From skinning to the changing of subtitle font it comes very handy to make it, the way you like it. So it gives you a very personal feeling while playing. It comes with a wide range of settings which an expert or a typical user both will like. The preference menu is well organized. A tree like option explorer combines all of the similar features into one place. Choosing decoder or processing filters can easily be done there. While many users will find it rather frustrating we recommend you to go with the default settings.


The right click context menu brings you a healthy quantity of options to choose from, like changing the aspect ratio or subtitle stream. We found the right menu quite intuitive to use.

Screenshot (30)


Since we won’t rate it by numbers we give it as a highest recommendation. Some of you are familiar with KMPlayer which was made by the same author, has less quantity of features but good cloud service. The player is easy to use yet provides hundreds of noteworthy features. It supports almost every media file and performs comparably better. It’s free and a supported by a good community. We can’t declare it as the best what we want to since it has some drawbacks. We hope the developer will soon note these issues and make further improvements to this already awesome media player.


  • Seamless playback
  • plays every media format
  • Wide range of built in codecs
  • Highly Customizable
  • Less resource hungry
  • Has lot of unique features
  • Frequent updates
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • No official website(English)
  • Not available on other operating systems

Download: here

Skin pack: here (it no longer exists)