Existing Lumia Devices To Get More Nokia Love

Nokia has made an announcement for the existing Lumia devices which sure to get their users excited. After Microsoft made clear that Windows Phone 8 is not coming to existing WP7 devices, users of these devices have feeling that they are being left behind in the race. But Lumia users need not to get disappointed. No, WP8 is still not coming to theird phones but Nokia is giving few new features with WP7.8 update. The most notable feature Nokia announced today is the ability to send files over bluetooth which was previously not available and has been a concern for Lumia users. The next in line is the updated Contacts Share app with an ability to share contacts over Bluetooth which comes handy when sending vCards to others. The new update will also bring Ringtone maker to Lumia devices. And as a standard WP7.8 feature, there’ll be new homsecreen.


Apart from these few features which were announced today Lumia users can always expect more surprises in future. There’s no information about when these update will be released but it’ll be no before than WP8. We’ll update you when it goes live.

Are you an Lumia user who thinks these update will offset the lack of WP8? Let us know in comments section.