Finnish Phoenix Nokia Will Be In The Smartphone Business Again In 2016

The moment Nokia sold off its handset, people started asking when it’s coming back in the business. According to the deal with Microsoft, Nokia is barred from re-entering the business until 2016. Here’s good news for Nokia fans (that includes me, too). It’s coming back to the business.

Nokia-LogoIn the past, Nokia declined to have any plans to entering the handset business. But it seems the company that made smartphones for past 14 years and dominated it can’t resist making phones again. Yes, it has declared its plans to make phones again. Now that company has sold all its factories and its partnerships also went with the deal, making phones and selling them isn’t going to be easy. Nokia knows this, too. So instead of starting from the scratch, Nokia is looking for a partner who already owns factories, can take care of marketing and partnerships on its behalf. Just like what it did for its Android running tablet, Nokia N1. Even then, its return isn’t expected anytime before Q4 of 2016.

This sure has got everyone excited. What also went with the deal is a pool of talented people who worked on making phones in Nokia. In a way, it’s a loss for them. So, I’m curious to see what Nokia brings to the table in 2016.