Fitness Freaks In India, Jabra Sport Pace Could Be Your Workout Companion

Music makes doing everyday tasks enjoyable. Including workouts. The fitness freaks out there already know that. I’m not one of you, not even remotely. But hey, if you were looking for something to spice up your workout sessions, you should have a look at Jabra Sport Pace, wireless earbuds. 

Jabra Sport Pace

Wireless and earbuds sounds just legit. There is no distraction of wires, and they are so lightweight (22gms) that you barely feel them when you’re working out. Jabra also claims these earbuds have high-quality sound.

What’s more, these are IP54 and US military standard rated earbuds. That’s perfect for those sweaty workout sessions. There’s a companion app as well that tracks your development and gives you full statistics including calories burnt. Jabra Sport Pace has up to 5hrs of battery life and can recharge quickly in 15 minutes.

Jabra Sport Pace will set you back by INR 5,990 (~$90) and are available through Croma’s retail outlets. FYI, Paytm is selling this product for INR 4,399 (~$66) after all cashbacks which sounds like a great deal if you’re looking to gift yourself one this festive season.