Flipkart Launching Moto X Tomorrow in India at Rs.23,999

Just few days ago Flipkart dropped the hint of launching Motorola flagship Moto X. Today, the online store giant revealed the further details about it. It’s also the rare case when the price of the handset has been declared before the actual launch.

Flipkart will be launching five color variants of the Moto X and a wood back version. The color variants will be priced at Rs.23,999 while the wood back version will cost Rs.25,999. As of now, Flipkart will be selling only 16GB version and there is no comment on availability of 32GB one. Flipkart will be selling walnut and teak finish versions of wood back Moto X. There will be few offers as well on the launch day, that is tomorrow, where in buyers can get cashback on the Moto X or discount on accessories or even free Moto X.
For now, only Black and White colored versions will be available while others will be on pre-order. Unlike Moto G which saw mid-night launch, Moto X will instead be launched during day time. So, who is going to pickup their Moto X tomorrow?