For Audiophiles in India, Bowers & Wilkins Is Offering New Premium Products

Bowers & Wilkins launched its new audio products in India and yours truly was there to witness it and to experience it. The man to demo the products was the Brian Devlin, B&W’s Global Marketing & Sales. Let me admit as he said, I haven’t heard of Bowers & Wilkins before. Before we get to their products let me tell you about them. B&W is a company from U.K. making finest and high-end audio products. They are well above any audio companies you know or at least that’s what B&W claims. They work with premium automakers like Maserati and are also Apple Premium partner.

Products launched were T7, P5 S2 and C5 S2 but we only got to experience T7. Overall, the experience was impressive and so immersive, I forgot to click photos. Really! We were also showed some other products that integrate Apple’s Air Play tech and worked like a charm. But, B&W T7 is a Bluetooth speaker which is compatible with all smartphones. Unfortunately I also lost the audio recording but I bet that was the finest I heard in recently.

B&W P5 Series 2


Next is P5 Series 2 headphones and C5 S2 in-ear headphones. Okay, we didn’t have the chance to try out these two so I’m not gonna comment on it. But B&W claims all its products offer natural sound, not the enhanced version of it. You can experience and buy these products at Apple Premium retail outlets in India.

In case you make your mind to pick-up their newly launched products in India, here’s how much you gonna shell out. The prices are MRP so you will likely get these products for lesser than that. T7 is priced at ~$474 (INR 29,900), P5 S2 at $372 (INR 23,500) and C5 S2 at ~$245 (INR 15,499).