Galaxy Note 7 Recall Leaves Samsung Embarassed

In the recent history of smartphones, Samsung seems to be hit by the biggest ever embarrassment. The Korean smartphone makers flagship Galaxy Note 7 has been in the news for all wrong reasons. Samsung has acknowledged 35 cases of the smartphone exploding or catching fire.

Although there have been cases of batteries exploding with the phones of other makers, it’s more severe in the case of Galaxy Note 7 recall. Samsung has identified this as an issue with the cells used in the battery of Galaxy Note 7. The company said it’s working with its suppliers to identify which batteries/units are particularly affected.



As a result, Samsung has stopped new sales of Galaxy Note 7 and recalled all existing phones in the market. The existing owners of the Galaxy Note 7 will be given a free replacement in coming days. The company hopes to resume the sales once the it rectifies the problem,

Apple’s latest iPhone is expected to be released on September 7 and absence of Galaxy Note 7 could very well impact Samsung’s fortunes if it fails to find remedy in time.