Google Allo – AI Powered Messaging App Goes Live

Google Allo, the AI-powered messaging app was unveiled during Google IO earlier. We were eagerly waiting to try it in person. Today’s the day when we all see what Google Allo has in store for us as the app is now in Play Store and App Store for download.


The key feature is AI-powered Smart Reply and the smarter Google Assistant inside it. Allo puts Google’s assistant on the same levels as Siri on iOS and Cortana on Windows Platforms. Allo learns from you and predicts your reply in the conversation. You can send a reply in a tap. It will know if you’re gonna respond with lol or aww. The more you use it, the better it gets with the predictions.

Next is the integrated Google Assistant. You can chat with it, either by voice or by text, to get info. While that’s not something new, Google Assistant is now as humanly as Siri or Cortana. You can call it right in the middle of your conversations with buddies. Say if you’re planning to go out for a movie, you can get every info without leaving the chat. You just have to tag it with @google and it’ll show up.

WhatsApp has been thinking about getting into personal assistant space, but apparently Google has leaped ahead with Allo.