Preview Of Next Major Android Version Is Out And Ready For Nexus Users

Preview Of Next Major Android Version Is Out And Ready For Nexus Users

May 29, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

Google has kickstarted its annual developer conference, and we have a next major Android release coming from the Mountain View. Like Android Lollipop, which was initially named just Android L, Google has chosen to name this one just Android M. Maybe board members are fighting to give it the name of their favorite dessert. We will see who wins and what the final name is later this year.


Obviously, Android M brings in tons of new changes and fixes. As a user, Android M will give you more control over the permissions needed by apps. With new runtime app permissions, apps will prompt for permission as and when needed and you can choose to allow or deny it. Although I haven’t tried it out yet, I personally think it will piss off many users. That’s same as Windows Vista asking you for admin permissions every time you wanted to rename an icon. With Android M, you can toggle individual app permissions directly from the settings (like iOS). New Android version also claims to improve battery life of your phone with new ‘Doze’ mode. It will decide from the motion of the device whether it is left unattended and put it in the Doze mode (or deep sleep) and put any background activities on hold until it’s wakened up. On the downside, your apps wouldn’t refresh in the background unless developers modify them.

Android M also enhances to Google Now feature to make it smarter and efficient. In the latest version, it will pick up context awareness and will be available throughout the apps. Google calls this new feature ‘Now on tap’.

If you own an eligible Nexus device, you can try out Android M developer preview but keep in mind though, this is a preview version and could have bugs. You can check eligibility and download preview here.