Google Moto-X Announced!

February 2, 2013 Off By Yash Todar
Hello Moto x !




Motorola moto x ! Designed by you!

So Finally, Moto X is here. Motorola’s first phone after being bought by Google which hopes to please its users by the motto “designed by you!”.

This device targets the mid-range sector and could compete in the global market with other android-smartphone leader like Samsung.

The news so far is that currently it’s available in Latin and North America, where as Motorola has no plans currently to shipping this fully-featured phone to EU/UK. Also no news about confirmation for Indian/Asian markets yet.

Moto X will be sold at a price of $199 in the US for a 2 year service contract. It would use the best of Google services to make your phone experience delightful.  Also customers are allowed to customize the colors, memory capacity and other aspects of the handset which truthfully will appeal more people!

The specs of moto x are clearly not bad for a phone which has a price tag to die for!


The special feature includes the “Clear Pixel “ new Omni Vision OV10820 , 1/2.6 inch sensor which allows videos up to the ratio 16:9 with 1080p and it promises a very strong performance in low-light. The result produced is a very high performance camera that can click crisp images. There is also a 2MP front facing camera which is common these days. Still, the time and users would be the one who would decide this! The hardware looks decent enough on the allocated price. With a 720p AMOLED display of  4.7 inch which is extremely handy, and a battery that assures to last long for nearly 24hrs, makes it a good choice! It also requires a nano-sim. NFC is supported as well. The only sad part is , it doesn’t come with a micro SD card slot, which could hurt someone who loves to store huge multimedia contents!

The processor consists of two 1.7 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 also, with a quad-core Adreno 320 GPU which is fit into the new Motorola’s x8 chipset. 2 GB of RAM which should give you tremendous multitasking abilities. The device could hit the stores very soon, some sources say it might be on the shelves by the end of August/or early September.

The phone will be running on Android 4.2.2 and will also get the latest updates in coming months.

The new features that moto x comes with:

Touch-less control:   The feature enables the user to do things such as fixing appointments, setting up alarms, and doing currency conversions, which uses Google Now functionality. The sources say that it would work even if the phone is inside your pocket when ever you say “Ok Google Now”, which is kind of interesting!

Active Display:  It will display information without affecting the phones battery life. This is a nice way of saving every single percent of the battery and making the phone used for other important tasks.

Quick capture: This is kind of a cool gesture based camera utility, by which users have to simply shake the phone twice and boom- the camera app opens spontaneously allowing you to capture the desired shot.

Authentication through wireless devices : Once you are near a trusted or paired Bluetooth device, you don’t have to unlock the phone every time.

Also through  Motomaker(an online store), a user can customize the look and feel of the phone by allowing  users to carve a personal message on the back of the phone.  Apart from this many different color combination to choose from for the whole device, accents and even the ring of the camera!





Concluding about the moto x, combining a fair price with good hardware, with a fresh new idea this Google – Motorola, is  a good multimedia device consisting of a fast processor, beloved android OS,  a great camera, quality display plus the battery which could make users want more. Definitely if you are looking for a phone in your budget and if you are in the Americas, you are a lucky person! Get out and run to the stores once it’s out!