Google Pixel 3 With Andromeda Planned For Next Year

The interwebs is already abuzz with tons of rumors surrounding Google’s new lineup of devices under Pixel brand. The latest one in the series gives us insights into Google’s new laptop under Pixel name that’s planned for Q3 2017.

As AndroidPolice reports, Google is working on a laptop that’s internally called Bison and should be called Pixel 3 if and when released. We do already have Chromebook Pixel (running ChromeOS) and Pixel C tablet (running Android). But Google is not looking to market it as a Chromebook or an Android tablet. There’s a reason for that as well. And that’s Andromeda – a supposed merger of Android and ChromeOS. The Andromeda will be far from simply running Android apps on ChromeOS.

Google Pixel C (illustrational purpose only)
Google Pixel C (illustrational purpose only)

The Google Pixel 3 is rumored to feature a 12.3 inch display and be capable of switching to tablet mode. It’s not clear if the display will be detachable like the Pixel C. The Intel m3 or Core i5 processors will supposedly power the Google Pixel 3 with 8/16GB of RAM and 32/128 gigs of storage. This means the Bison or Pixel 3 could come in two variants. It is also expected to feature four mics, backlit keyboard, a glass trackpad and a fingerprint scanner.

Although it sounds all too exciting, AndroidPolice says nothing is confirmed yet and things could change to any extent. Google plans to launch Pixel in Q3 2017, so it’s far away. We may or may not hear about it at Google’s event that’s scheduled for October 4.