How a Microsoft Tweet May Have Just Accidentally Confirmed Cortana (But Not Really)


It’s no secret that Microsoft is finalizing the Windows Phone Blue update. Numerous features of the OS revamp have been leaked already (though not confirmed), including Windows Phone’s “Cortana.” Rumors say that Cortana will be Apple’s Siri’s counterpart on Windows Phone 8.1.


And like every other feature that is being rumored, this one isn’t officially confirmed yet. Unless a Microsoft Twitter account accidentally confirms it in a tweet, right? Microsoft Developer’s handle tweeted a link to The Verge’s post about Cortana saying ‘Meet #Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri’. Upon the numerous alarmed responses the post received, they deleted the tweet minutes after it was posted. Maybe the person handling the account used wrong Twitter handle to show his love for Windows Phone?

Minutes ago, the Microsoft Developer Twitter account tweeted a follow-up message for clarification:

So it looks like it was a genuine mistake. Oh well. We can still hope, can’t we?