DOH! HTC Finally Gets Pricing Right, But Too Late For Indian Festival Week


Sometime last month month HTC announced its octa-core smartphone Desire 820 and and its quad core variant named Desire 820q in India. However, back then the company didn’t reveal the availability or price of either phones. Most logical reason seems to be that the company wanted to hold onto it until the festival season in India. Well, that should have been the case but sadly it’s not.

At an event that took place on Friday, last week, HTC India quite proudly announced the pricing of these two smartphones. We admit, it has all the right to be proud of itself for such a competitive pricing. The octa-core phone Desire 820 will be available for approx. $407 (Rs.24,990) while the quad-core Desire 820q is priced at approx. $366 (Rs.22,500). But here’s a catch. You can’t either of the phones,well, until November 5. So essentially even with spot-on pricing, HTC is going to miss out on India’s biggest festival Diwali, which is going to happen this week.


As per the Indian market, price of octa-core HTC Desire 820 is quite lucrative, thanks to its spec sheet.  The key differences between the Desire 820 and 820q are the processors and RAM sizes. While the HTC Desire 820 uses Snapdragon 610 64-bit octa-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM, the Desire 820q has a 64 bit Snapdragon 410 with just 1GB of RAM. Other specs including the display and cameras remain same for both the devices. Both of them feature 5.5 inch HD (720p) displays, 13MP rear cameras with BSI sensor and f/2.2 lens. On the front too, both the devices have 8MP cameras. Desire 820 and Desire 820q are both dual SIM phones and feature 4G LTE too on both the SIM slots. They’ve got usual WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and DLNA etc. so you’re covered in connectivity department too. Similarities between the two devices extends with both of them featuring HTC Boomsound with frontal stereo speakers and exactly same capacity, 2600 mAh batteries.

I’m pretty sure, you wanted to pick these phones up for yourselves and your loved ones. But too bad that HTC isn’t willing to sell you one. I, for one, got excited when HTC put up the pricing other day and got quickly disappointed when they declared the availability. All I can say about HTC India is that the company has missed an opportunity which could have been golden one for it. If HTC thinks buyers are going to wait for its phones, well that’s more than unlikely. Maybe some (fanboys) will but not all. Seems like the company can’t get out of its own way.