Pay $199 for HTC One M8 for Windows On AT&T With A 2yrs Contract

The Windows Phone 8 running version of HTC’s One M8 known as One M8 for Windows, will be available on AT&T from November 7. Along with AT&T, another carrier to get the GSM version of One M8 for Windows is T-Mobile. This handset is exactly the famous One M8 which runs on Android OS and now loaded with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. It was launched in August and Verizon was the first one to carry it.

HTC-One-M8-For-WindowsATTHTC One M8 is quite famous for its unibody metal chassis and HTC’s Ultrapixel Duo camera. It has 5 inch FullHD (1080p) display, 32GB onboard memory and microSD slot and features HTC’s Boomsound tech with dual frontal audio speakers.

As usual, AT&T has different plans for the people who want to pick up One M8 for Windows. You can get it for $199 with two years contract or $0 on AT&T Next and pay rest in 12/18 EMIs. It’s quite pricey if you want to go off-contract. You’ll end up paying $670 for off-contract One M8.

So far T-Mobile hasn’t come up with its pricing for the handset but in my opinion magenta will be a good option if you want cheaper plans or want to buy a fully unlocked handset. If you don’t want to leave AT&T and want another option for Windows Phone, you can check out Lumia 830, which will be landing exclusively on ATT for $99.

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