HTC Zoe, The ‘Cool’ Video Editing App Coming To All Android Devices

HTC Zoe, The ‘Cool’ Video Editing App Coming To All Android Devices

August 15, 2014 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

HTC Zoe,the video editing app that first appeared on One (M7) last year, is now making its way to all Android handsets now. HTC One (M7) changed the company’s image forever and especially when it comes to imaging and related creativity.
In Android world, HTC is regarded high for its imaging technology. Now the company is letting other Android users to taste their apps as well. For this purpose HTC has formed a new arm called HTC Creative Labs which will look after the development of HTC apps. HTC Zoe is the first app to come out from them. As of now, it’s supported only on devices running Android 4.4 and up and manufacturers including HTC, Samsung and LG. It’s in beta phase right now and will hit version 1.0 sometime later this year.

HTC Zoe is essentially an video editing app which lets you edit videos on the fly, add cool music and effects to videos and instantly share with your friends.

This is a good but not a surprising move by HTC. As handset competition get tougher, letting users experience the features on different handsets is a one way to acquire new ones. That’s why Blackberry released the BBM on other platforms. Check out the HTC Zoe in the Play Store or hit this link.
See what HTC Zoe is all about in the video below,