Huawei P9 with Leica Tricks Is In India To Woo The Shutterbugs

Huawei P9 with Leica Tricks Is In India To Woo The Shutterbugs

August 18, 2016 1 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

For Huawei, India is one of the key markets. Keeping that in mind, it has launched its flagship cameraphone, Huawei P9 in the market. The Huawei P9’s camera was made in association with the famous lens maker Leica though it doesn’t use any component from Leica.

Apart from the camera, the phone is designed very well. It has slim metal chassis which look dapper. The Huawei P9 uses Huawei’s homebrew Kirin 955 2.5GHz octa-core SoC with 3GB RAM. Oddly it doesn’t even support 4K video recording, failing to take the full benefit of its dual cameras. It has a 5.2-inch FullHD display. There’s a fingerprint scanner on its back.


The dual camera setup isn’t new at all. We have seen it before on HTC One M8, but the implementation is different in the case of P9. There are two 12MP sensors with one taking monochrome photos while another takes full-color photos. The input from two cameras is used together to create the image with richer details. It has both laser and phase detection auto-focus.


Huawei will be offering two years warranty, three months screen replacement, and pick-and-drop service during the warranty period. The price tag is, however, a bit outrageous. The Huawei P9 goes on sale today in India. To own the Huawei P9 you will need to shell out Rs.39,999 (~US $599). In the context of the Indian market, that’s a lot of money. Huawei will have to do a lot of convincing.