Inexpensive Toshiba WT-8 Offers Full Fledged Windows On A Tablet

Toshiba WT-8-1

When it comes to tablets, I like the ones which give me maximum functionality instead of fancy animations. And the one that has full Windows 8 running on it would be simply irresistible. US markets has seen some good Windows running tablets, albeit with modest spec sheet. You can get one around $100 price mark.

Although there ain’t any tablet in the Indian market that is as cheap as its US counterparts, Toshiba has dropped in it WT-8 tablet which you can grab for a mere Rs. 15,490 or $243. But if someone is coming from USA, you can request them to get a similar spec’d tablet for just $99, half of the WT-8’s price. There are plenty of options including ones from Toshiba. Same Toshiba WT-8 is cheaper too at just $129, more than $100 less. But by Indian standards, it’s price seems justified to me as there are Android tablets which cost more than this and don’t have half the functionality.

I remember seeing a similar tablet for similar price mark from iBall, which is a domestic brand but just because this one comes from Toshiba which have been in the business for decades, you can pick-up Toshiba WT-8 without a second thought. Peace of mind, boy. Specs aren’t as exciting as Microsoft’s Surface Pro but hey, it’s any day a better tablet than the Android tabs your friends boast. So this one is powered by an Intel Atom Z3735G processor mated to 1GB of RAM. Internal storage is limited to 32GB but you can add more with microSD cards up to 128GB. It’s got 5MP rear camera too along with a 1.2MP front camera. I’m little skeptical about the quality but I’ll know more when I get to try it out in real life. Toshiba WT-8 has a 8 inch HD (1200×800) display but if feel it’s small, you can wireless mirror it to a supported external display. You can also attach a dongle for 3G connectivity.

Good thing about this tablet is that it offers full Windows 8.1 so you can run your desktop apps on this tablet too. I’ve witnessed people running accounting softwares like Tally on tablets. So if you’re someone who has to visit clients, this should be a good choice for you. You will need to head to Amazon India to get this as it is exclusively available there. Hit the link below to see the product page on Amazon India.

Toshiba WT8-B Tablet (8.0-inch, 32GB, WiFi, 3G via Dongle with Y Cable), Satin Gold