InFocus M2 Is An Insanely Feature Rich ‘Budget’ Phone To Buy In India

For this review, we have a phone from a brand new name in the Indian market. Let’s get to know the company better. InFocus is a company founded and based in the USA. It primarily deals in electronics like projectors. Although, smartphones aren’t new to the company, it’s a new name in the Indian market as the company already sells smartphones in Chinese and Taiwanese markets, individually. India is the recent addition for them and vice-versa.

InFocus chose M2 as its first phone for the Indian market and rightly so, as it is a budget phone for a budget conscious market. It looks like a wise decision for the company to begin with small and march towards acquiring a noticeable chunk of the market.


When it was sent to me for review, I wasn’t particularly excited. That’s simply because new companies keep coming to India and there’s at least one launched every two days or dare I say every day. However, as I started using it, I knew it was going to be a different experience.


Good things first. M2 is a neatly designed phone. It doesn’t brag about its design and there’s nothing special to do so. Although, it has a tiny 4.3 inch display, its overall dimensions bring it closer to Moto E. The curved back lets you hold the phone very comfortably. Some might find it similar to Moto E. Bezels on M2 are thick, but not ugly looking.


Above that tiny display sits the 5MP front camera with LED flash and there’s a multi-color notification LED too, which is not be found in many higher priced phones. Usual navigation keys below the display are etched in silver and not backlit. This is to cut the costs and going with on-screen keys would have been a waste of already scarce screen estate. Surprisingly, M2 gets a secondary, noise cancellation mic as well.

InFocus-M2-Top InFocus-M2-Bottom

InFocus-M2-Right InFocus-M2-Left

Probably the biggest mistake InFocus did with M2 is non-user replaceable battery.

InFocus-M2-Back InFocus-M2-Undercover

The markets and the price segments InFocus is targeting wouldn’t be happy with this. Another mistake with M2’s design is the loudspeaker position. It’s already weak and since it’s on the back it gets suppressed.

Hardware, Performance and Battery:

For a phone that costs merely $80 (Rs.5,000), M2 has the reasonable hardware. Technology has become cheaper over the time and M2 takes the advantage of it. It is equipped with MediaTek MT6582 SoC which has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and is mated to 1GB of RAM. That’s really a quite decent configuration. It worked fairly smoothly throughout the review period. It didn’t seem to have any problem handling the dense, HD display. So, if you were concerned about the performance, well you shouldn’t be.

InFocus-M2-Benchmark-1 InFocus-M2-Benchmark-2 InFocus-M2-Benchmark-3

InFocus-M2-Benchmark-4 InFocus-M2-Benchmark-5 InFocus-M2-Benchmark-6
Its 2,010 mAh battery gave satisfactory mileage. Here’s a catch, I used it only on WiFi and with a single SIM throughout the review period. So, expect battery life to get hit when you use 3G data services and both the SIMs.

OS and UI:

M2 runs on Android KitKat (4.4.2) out of the box with a custom InLife UI on the top of it. The custom UI looks a lot like iPhone’s UI with similar looking icons (some exactly the same) and similar color schemes. Although, it’s heavily customized it didn’t put any stress on the resources, which keeps the phone running smoothly and that’s important. Pat on InFocus’ back for this.
Notification drawer has all the essential toggles present. There’s no separate app drawer in the UI. Your homescreen is the app drawer. Everything is right in front of you, your apps, widgets. Most apps have been replaced or received cosmetic treatment, changing their looks completely. Some apps like music player even get added functionality. There’s EZ launcher too, in case your grandpa is going to use it. It’ll make using phone easier for him.

InFocus-M2-Homescreen InFocus-M2-Folders InFocus-M2-Settings

InFocus-M2-Notifications InFocus-M2-Toggles InFocus-M2-EZUI