iPhones As Brakes On Porsche 911 Will Last Only A Quarter Mile

We all are quite used to tech bloggers doing drop tests on phones or crushing them or putting them in water or just doing anything to show the endurance. But someone has gone a literally a mile further (or a quarter mile). This guy at EverythingApplePro on Youtube replaced brake pads on Porsche 911 with equal pairs of iPhone 4Ss and iPhone 5Ss Well, Porsche 911 is one premium car with lots power so trying out something like this needs guts. This guy had.  So, did the iPhone 4S manage to stop the Porsche 911? IPhone surely is one of the premium phones out there but does it have what it takes to stop a Porsche at 60 MPH? Watch this video but don’t get inspired by it and try it out, even if yours is not Porsche 911.