Is Lumia X The Old Nokia 5700 Running Windows Phone 8?

Ever since Microsoft debued Windows Phone 8, there has been rumors Nokia’s new Lumias, coming out of rumor mills every few days. The latest in series is Lumia X.

The people at Concept Phones received a picture of Nokia’s supposed to be Windows Phone 8 handset named ( or codenamed?) as Lumia X. The image was sent byJohnny who says he’s close to Nokia’s Design Studio team. The phone in the image is rather a real and confirmed Lumia which is scheduled for release in September. The Nokia Lumia handset in the picture looks exactly like the good old Symbian running 5700 Xpress Music. It is supposed to have a Clear Black AMOLED HD display and the rotating camera,8 MP, which sounds very exciting. It may also come with Snapdragon S4 dual core processor and may have media and gaming keys on the either sides of the camera. Their source goes further to claim that there’s a N-Gage lookalike, running WP8 is also in making. We know Nokia ‘loves’ recycling their designs, look at Lumia 900 and Lumia 800 which are dervied from N9 design. This sometimes makes us feel that Nokia’s design team is running out of talent since they are going back in time and reusing their old,hit, designs instead creating something fresh and appealing. Do you think Nokia can win hearts by (re)using their old designs? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Concept Phones | Via: GSM Dome