Will A Stylish, Mighty LG Fx0 Be Enough To Boost Firefox OS?

When Firefox OS came out, Mozilla, the company behind the OS announced that the OS would be geared towards making cheaper smartphones. First phones running Firefox OS barely touched the $35 mark. With such a price, makers had to cut a lot of corners to make a ‘passable’ phone that would run the OS. Despite of Mozilla’s good intent, Firefox OS could hardly attract buyers. Mozilla now sees hope in the latest Fx0, which is a first high-spec Firefox OS phone launching on Japan’s one of the biggest service providers, KDDI. And it’s limited to Japan.

Fx0 is a first phone running on Firefox OS to pack a Snapdragon 400 processor coupled with 1.5GB of RAM. It’s miles ahead of current gen Firefox OS phones. It’s made by the company behind the flagship phone G3. Yeah, you guessed it right. LG is making Fx0 for KDDI. This smartphone puts Firefox OS into mid-range segment along with many other Android smartphones.


There’s 8MP camera, 4.7 inch HD (720p) display and 16GB inbuilt memory as well as 4G LTE. And it’s stylish too. Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese designer, was hired for this job. It’s designed around Firefox OS’ ‘openness and transparency’ theme. Hence, it has transparent front and back and to suit the overall profile, it comes in Gold color.


Whatever its specs and design quotient is, the question-mark over Firefox OS’ success remains. There’s almost no ecosystem around Firefox OS. App model seems wrong. Plus, this handset isn’t coming to other markets. And why would someone buy Firefox phones over cheap Androids which run just fine and have a major ecosystem of apps to back them? No answer, huh? Even a Microsoft backed Windows Phone is struggling to stay in top three. So there’s no reason Firefox OS will make a noticeable impact anytime soon.

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