Lenovo A7000 Is A Budget Friendly Phone You Shouldn’t Buy

Lenovo A7000 Is A Budget Friendly Phone You Shouldn’t Buy

June 28, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

After a successful hit, A6000 and the subsequent A6000 Plus, Lenovo came up with a larger A7000, which is exclusive to the Indian market.When I reviewed A6000 sometime earlier this year, I was highly impressed with Lenovo’s effort. A7000 will easily make it to the list of people looking for an affordable phablet but will it qualify as your purchase?



Lenovo stretched the A6000 and got A7000. That’s its design in one sentence. A7000 is nearly identical to A6000 in design. Put next one another, they look twins. However, there are few changes here and there. First and foremost, branding from the front has vanished. Navigational keys on the front are standard Lenovo. Here too, keys are not backlit and too faint. It becomes troublesome to use it in the night or dark environments.



Lenovo-A7000-Right-DSCF7374-min Lenovo-A7000-Left-DSCF7371-min

A7000 is very slim as well at 7mm thickness. While A7000 uses the same matte finish for its back, it’s quite slippery in my experience. So I’d suggest you to pick-up a nice case along with it. An 8MP camera along with a dual LED flash sits near the top corner which is not the best position in my opinion. While clicking snaps, your might unintentionally end up blocking the camera. Center location is any day great.

Hardware, Performance and Battery:

A7000 is powered by a MediaTek MT6752M processor with 8-cores running at 1.5GHz along with 2GB of RAM. While the hardware is no doubt impressive, at least on paper, performance takes a hit because of overly customized software loaded on the phone. There were stutters many times during day-to-day usage. Lenovo’s love for making customized UI makes the phone sluggish. I’ve said this before, too, and I seriously want Lenovo to mind its business.

For those who swear by the numbers. You see it is right behind HTC One M8, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great performer in real life.

Lenovo-A7000-Benchmark-1-min Lenovo-A7000-Benchmark-5-min

Lenovo-A7000-Benchmark-2-min Lenovo-A7000-Benchmark-3-min Lenovo-A7000-Benchmark-4-min

8GB of onboard storage gets exhausted quickly as well. OS itself takes too much amount of it. So a memory card is necessary A7000 has one of the impressive displays in this segment. I was content with the color saturation and viewing angles as well as sunlight legibility.

The battery is another factor that goes against A7000. Even with medium usage, say having 3-4 emails to sync, casual browsing, and multimedia, the 2900 mAh struggles hard to survive for a day.What makes the deal worse is the slow recharge speed. I confirmed this with my peers who have been using the A7000, and they too were not impressed with its battery.

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