Lenovo Miix 720 Has Its Aim On Surface Pro 4

The success of Microsoft’s Surface Pro has shown the demand that is there for its kind of portable devices. There has never been an enthusiastic response from other Windows PC makers. But now there’s Lenovo Miix 720, that goes head-on with Surface Pro 4, in its own style.

Put next to each other in their natural form, both will be indistinguishable. Unless you spot the aesthetic differences, and of course the brandings. But it’s not only the design where it matches Surface Pro feature to feature. The hardware, too, is equally spectacular. There would be different variants featuring different processors with the top-most variant getting 7th generation Core i7 and 16GB RAM. It leaps ahead of Surface Pro 4 with 1TB SSD storage. The 12.1-inch display has QHD+ resolution. There are three USB ports including one Type-C port.

Lenovo Miix 720 comes with its own detachable keyboard and pen that has 4,096 levels of sensitivity, much like Surface Pro 4. It also takes advantage of Windows Hello with its IR camera that unlocks the device with face recognition. The rear sports a 5MP camera. Lenovo’s crossover also has a kickstand. It weighs 1.1kg with keyboard and merely 780gms without.

The one thing that sets it apart from Microsoft’s offering is a truckload of proprietary apps that will come pre-loaded with it. We can only hope those apps can be removed completely. There will be Windows 10 Home and Pro to choose from. The Lenovo Miix 720 will start from $999 that includes a keyboard. You will have to wait until April to pick one up.