If You Want To Buy ‘Branded’ Affordable Tablets, Lenovo’s Tab 2 Series Is Just For You

If you go around hunting for affordable Android tablets, you’d see a lot of them around and most are from the brands you’ve never heard before. That’s obviously thing to worry about. Spending any amount on them is nothing less than a gamble But what if a reputed brand gives you an affordable tablet? Wouldn’t you buy it?


Lenovo is exploiting the affordable tablet market with its newest Tab 2 series of Android tablets. Lenovo sure knows its game. Lenovo launched these new tablets at the ongoing CES2015. Its new tablets start at a mere $99 and offer decent specs for the price. Under the Tab 2 series, Lenovo is offering A7-10 and A7-30 tablets, both of which are entry level models. Both have the same specsheet except that A7-30 has 3G plus voice calling. These tablets are powered by a MediaTek MT8382M 1.3GHz quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM and feature a 7 inch HD (1024×600) display. There’s 16GB memory inside and a microSD slot. Both also feature Dolby Audio. From the press photos at least, A7 tabs seem to have a good build quality. And yeah, A7-30 and A7-10 also run on Android KitKat.

Lenovo will start selling A7-10 from this month at $99 and A7-30 from March at $129 through it’s e-store.