Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro Is A Beast Inside Out

When Lenovo launched this phone, there indeed was excitement among people. It is a third phone in the Lenovo’s K series which is reserved for its pure flagships. It started with K900, followed by K910 known as Vibe Z and now we have Vibe Z2 Pro with its codename K920.

Lenovo isn’t known to buyers as a company that builds great flagships, even though it made good ones in the past. If you look at previous two phones in the series, you’d see that Lenovo made those with top-notch hardware too. What it lacked though is the marketing push and availability in the key markets. Aware of this fact, company seems to overhaul its image with its latest flagship Vibe Z2 Pro.

When I laid my hands on this phone, I was sure that it’s going to rock throughout trial period. Sounds interesting, right? Continue with me to know what I like and dislike about Vibe Z2 Pro.


Vibe Z2 Pro has simple yet striking design. It’s an executive class design with sharp edges, color combination. When you put it on the table, it’s going to talk a lot about you. Even with minimal design it conveys the message that it’s got a beast inside. That is not to say design gets all five stars from me. Sure there are flaws and I’ll point them out as we move ahead.

Actually, it’s an evolution of the design Lenovo used on previous two flagships, K900 and K910 (Vibe Z). Yet, Vibe Z2 Pro has more aggression of K900 in its design than the humble design of its direct predecessor, Vibe Z. What remains common among all three phones is that they use brushed metal chassis. This alone changes the impressions of the design. Another thing Lenovo has got right is the bezels. Those are very thin for a phone that packs a 6 inch display. It gave me impression that I’m using a 5.5 inch device. It was quite comfortable in hands. It’s a bit heavy and thick but then it also packs a 4000 mAh battery which needs a proper housing.

Now talking about the flaws, one thing that I’d have liked is if Lenovo had dropped sharp edges and opted for curved ones. Yet, the problem isn’t as bad as it was on K900 which had too sharp edges for a phone. Another thing which anyone would obviously hate to have on their phones is a protruding camera. Sales guy would try to justify that one on Vibe Z2 Pro because it has OIS equipped camera and all, but I just won’t buy it. Even if you accept it for a moment, Lenovo’s decision to put square rim around it worsens it. Again, that looks like an attempt to make it look sharp. Lenovo could instead use circular rim that would merge with the back. More like a crater.


Time for a general walkthrough of the design. Front is occupied by the 6 inch 2K HD display. Back 16MP camera. Loudspeaker and microUSB port is on the bottom. Volume rocker is on the left side. On the right side there’s a power and dual SIM slot tray. It uses physical keys so you get to use full screen. Above the display there’s earpiece along with a notification LED, front camera and couple of sensors.

Lenovo_Vibe_Z2_Pro_Top Lenovo_Vibe_Z2_Pro_Bottom

Lenovo_Vibe_Z2_Pro_Right Lenovo_Vibe_Z2_Pro_Left

Hardware, Performance and Battery:

Lenovo’s Vibe Z2 Pro has truly top of the line specs. It’s a beast outside, beast inside. Quad-core Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz processor paired with 3GB of RAM inside and a 2K HD outside, could I ask for more? Anyone would expect a smooth performance from such a configuration and Vibe Z2 Pro didn’t disappoint me. Snapdragon 801 easily handles the 2K HD display. That display impacts its ranking in benchmarking apps but not a huge margin there. So you need not worry about it.

Its 2K display has great color saturation and wide viewing angles. Just what I expected from a flagship.
4000 mAh battery does a wonderful job too. Even with such a heavy configuration, it has the potential to last for one and a half day, if your usage is moderate and merely a day if you’re a heavy user. Later is true if you are using its multimedia functions too, such as camera and music. Otherwise, its battery is a bliss. As with any modern day smartphone, you can extend battery life on Vibe Z2 Pro as well with power saver modes which tend to disable some functions.

Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-1 Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-2 Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-6 Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-7

Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-5 Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-4 Lenovo-Vibe-Z2-Pro-Benchmark-3

OS and UI:

Like the hardware and design of the phone, this part of Vibe Z2 Pro is also quite interesting. It comes loaded with Android KitKat (4.4.4). Lenovo has customized it with its own skin which they call it Vibe 2.0. Lenovo’s version of the UI is iOS-esque. App drawer and homescreen are merged in to one. If you’re one of my kinds who prefers stock Android, you’re in a treat with Vibe Z2 Pro. This phone has stock Android ROM inside. Switching is quite simple too and you don’t lose your data while doing so. Just unlock the developer options and switch to Google UI style. It takes a minute or two to reboot and switch to stock Android. Let me remind you, it’s not merely a launcher. It’s a full ROM.

In my experience, Vibe 2.0 UI had heavy footprint. There were occasions when the phone had just above 300 MBs of free RAM. This was with the usual set of apps installed and running such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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