Lenovo’s Thinnest Yoga 3 Pro Costs More Than A Bike In India

Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro was amongst the showstoppers at CES2015 that took place last month. Yoga 3 Pro combines premium design with high end internals. When opened, it’s thinner than a pencil. What really attracted me was its hinge which Lenovo calls “watchband hinge” as it takes cues from watchband to be more durable. The hinge alone has 813 different parts. That should give you an idea about Lenovo’s attention to details.

As far as the specs are concerned, it’s powered by Intel’s top-end Core M 5Y71 processors, specifically made for ultrabooks to balance battery life and performance. Apps have adequate space to run with 8GBs of RAM but Lenovo should have instead gone for 16GB RAM at this price point. 512GB SSD complements the package as SSDs are faster than HDDs. The major bump from previous Yoga 2 Pro is in the display as Yoga 3 Pro has QHD display. The 4 cell battery gives approx. 7.8 hrs of life. You can use it in four different modes including tablet thanks to its hinge which let the screen lie flat at 180 degrees.

Lenovo-Yoga-Pro-3-2  Lenov-YOGA-3-Pro-Hinge

Generally, Indian market sees new products after months or quarters but Lenovo is being kind enough to launch its new products just after a month. For the price part, Yoga 3 Pro demands $1855 or INR 114,999 (more than One Lac). I could actually buy a decent bike for lesser money. In the USA, Lenovo is selling it for about $400 less (after discounts) so that’s a huge difference. It’ll be available through Lenovo’s online DoStore, retail stores and Croma Retail.