Lenovo’s Cheaper Yoga 300 and Yoga 500 Laptops Head To India With Exciting Offers

Lenovo’s Cheaper Yoga 300 and Yoga 500 Laptops Head To India With Exciting Offers

June 10, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

When it comes to convertibles, laptops not cars, Lenovo is certainly the dominating brand in the segment. You could say they are the leaders of the segment they established. Lenovo’s Yoga series is the first thing that comes to my mind when someone asks me about convertible laptops. Especially the latest and the expensive (~$1800) Yoga 3 Pro shows the maker’s craftsmanship. But let’s just admit, not everyone has that kind of money or requirements. Sure there have been other models, e.g. Flex, but they lacked the real essence of Yoga series – 360-degree flip.


Lenovo has just addressed all these concerns with its new additions, Yoga 300 and Yoga 500. Out of both, Yoga 300 is truly the convertible for masses as it comes at just ~$477 (INR 30,490).  That’s close to 1/4th the price of Yoga 3 Pro. As a result, its hardware gets a cut too. Yoga 300 is powered by an Intel Pentium Quad Core processor and comes with 4GB RAM. There’s 11.6-inch display of 720p HD resolution. The Indian variant comes with a 500GB HDD.

Yoga 500, however, is from the different planet altogether. If you think a marginal increase in the series numbers have got nothing to do with the hardware and the price, you’re certainly wrong. Yoga 500 is a significant jump from the Yoga 300 series. The only variant available under Yoga 500 series has 5th gen Core i7 5500U processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB+8GB SSHD. The 14 inch display boasts FullHD (1080p) resolution. For gaming maniacs, it’s got GeForce 940M 2GB graphics card. That’s solid enough.  Price? Hefty ~$1120 (INR 71,490).

If you’re still not convinced, Lenovo is adding sweeteners to the deals already under its ‘back to college’ offer which couldn’t come at better time than this. For Yoga 500 series, for a mere $8 (INR 499) Lenovo is giving 1 year Office 365 subscription, additional 2 years warranty and 1TB external drive. This would otherwise cost you $235 (INR 14,999). Yoga 300 series, however, isn’t very lucky. Its buyers will get the two years additional warranty at a discounted rate of $31 (INR 1,999), regular $79 (INR 4,999). Lenovo should have thrown in much a better deal for the masses.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a kickass convertibles, Lenovo has just made it easier to pick-up one.