Lenovo’s New Tablets Get You Rich Experience From Just $129

Okay, I’m little late in telling you this but on the first day of MWC 2015 Lenovo launched couple of affordable and media centric Android tablets. Namely Tab 2 A8 and Tab 2 A10-70, these tablets pack the latest Dolby Atmos with frontal speakers for immersive sound experience. Well, I haven’t tried these tablets but let’s just assume they offer decent sound quality.

Lenovo-Tab-2-A10-70Image: Lenovo

While Lenovo is touting Dolby Atmos as the key feature of these tabs, it doesn’t mean they are any less in other areas. Tab 2 A8 which starts at just $129 is a steal for someone looking for cheap Android tablets. I’ve told you this before, instead of going with unknown brands just because of sub $100 price tag it’s always wiser to stick to brands such as Lenovo. Tab 2 A8 has an 8 inch HD (720p) IPS LCD display whereas A10-70 has a 10 inch FullHD (1080p) IPS LCD display. Both also come in two variants, WiFi and LTE. They all are powered by different MediaTek’s processors depending on the model and variant. Tab 2 A10-70 has 2GB of RAM while Tab 2 A8 has half of it at 1GB which is still sufficient to run the tasks sufficiently. Both of them also come equipped with 8MP and 5MP cameras respectively but expect average photo quality at this price point. There are front cameras as well: 5MP on A10-70 and 2MP on A8.

Tab 2 A10-70 packs a massive 7000 mAh battery while A8 packs smaller but relatively sufficient 4290 mAh one. There’s 16GB inbuilt memory on A10-70 and A8 will come in two memory variants, 8GB and 16GB. Both also feature support for SIM cards but A8 has an upper hand as it offers dual SIM support. Tab 2 A10-70 will go on sale in April with $199 for WiFi model and $279 for LTE one. Tab 2 A8 will roll out a bit later in June 2015 with $129 price tag on WiFi models and $179 for LTE model.