LG G Watch R on AT&T is Ridiculously Expensive at $299

AT&T has got a mix of new devices including both wearables and handsets. As a part of it, AT&T will be carrying LG G Watch R. It is essentially a circular form of LG’s existing square G Watch. AT&T will start selling it from November 5. And it’s gonna cost a bomb (not literally).

ATT-LG-G-Watch-R-MemeUnder its watch face, LG G Watch R has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU ticking at 1.2GHz and 512MB RAM. You’d find this processor on plenty of mid-range handsets around. It features a 1.3 inch circual P-OLED display. A tiny 410 mAh battery powers the G Watch R and it weighs 62g. Good thing is that LG G Watch R is also IP67 certified meaning you can use it underwater too.

Now, here’s a important question. How much would you pay for a wearable like G Watch R? How much? Brace yourselves; LG Watch R costs whopping $299 on AT&T. Didn’t see that coming? Me neither. And that meme was quite my reaction when I saw the price. So unless you’re someone who likes to own latest gadgets and fiddle with them, spending $299 on a smartwatch could be a worst idea. I’d buy a decent, fully unlocked mid-range handset like Moto G for that price. What do you think?