The LG G4 Has A Badass Camera

The LG G4 Has A Badass Camera

December 7, 2015 0 By Swapneel Bandiwadekar

LG G4 already has the most number of badges on its shoulders for its impressive camera performance. Its camera is so impressive that even European association gave it ‘best camera’ award. I also had it for almost a month, and I must say it has an impressive phone. But the phone has some flaws, too. Let’s see what’s good and what’s bad about LG G4.

As usual let’s start from the exterior of LG G4, and then move to more interesting aspects of it.

LG has managed to keep bezels as thin as possible increasing the display to body ratio. LG has continued to place volume rocker on the back of the phone which, although subjective, is a convenient position. Right above it is the camera setup. I like the central placement of the camera as the chances of you blocking its view (unintentionally) is almost zero unlike on Xperia phones where it’s near the top corner. On its left side is the single LED flash-color spectrum sensor combo. It’s easy to mistake the later for the secondary flash. Laser AF is on the other side.

Unlike many flagships that came out in 2015, the LG G4 is still plasticky. You don’t get aluminum or glass back, yet it feels sturdy. The curved, (faux) leather back really makes holding the phone a pleasant experience.

The quality of the materials is at the opposite end of the spectrum. The leather which LG says is genuine is more of faux leather of poor grade. Its layers started coming off in just a few days of usage even though I handled it very carefully. I really did, trust me. For a flagship, the quality of the materials LG has used is unacceptable.


Even before I touch the performance of LG G4, I feel it’s necessary to talk about its camera performance first. It is the most talked and appreciated the feature of LG’s flagship.

LG G4 has a 16MP sensor with LED flash, color spectrum sensor, and laser AF. It has a f/1.8 aperture, lowest on any smartphone. All these sounds cool.

My mother tried clicking photos from the G4’s camera on the day one itself. My mother doesn’t know using cameras and as far as I remember she never used her smartphone to click photos. She just took the G4 from me and clicked a couple of photos. She held G4 vertically (like most parents would do) and just clicked on the shutter button. G4 focused on the subject and just produced a great snap worth applauding. Boy, the G4 did click great photos with incredible depth of field. Everyone was blown away.


LG made a wise decision of using Snapdragon 808 for its flagship instead of Snapdragon 810 which is famous for heating. The trade off is you get two cores less. It was my primary phone and in my experience G4 never, ever stuttered or slowed down.I did everything what a normal user would do on his phone. It even handled 4K video recording effortlessly. Want more proof? LG V10, which offers full manual controls for video, uses the same processor.

The battery was the one area where G4 disappointed me. I’m not someone who makes hours of calls everyday yet I couldn’t get it to live for the whole day. At least it doesn’t take too long to re-charge. In the Indian market, LG is also giving an extra battery along with a charging cradle, so that’s quite a relief. But mine being a test unit didn’t come with these two.

Connectivity is well handled by the G4. There’s even dual SIM variant in some markets, and India is one of them. A phone should be a phone first, and G4 passes the test. It handled calls very well with crisp quality. There are obviously other features such as 4G LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0.  Even my colleague, Harshal, who returned to G4 and now has the even better LG V10, agrees with me.

At the end of the day, is G4 worth buying? For me, yes it is. I can live with the faux leather and poor battery, but there are already solutions for them. The camera on G4 is simply irresistible.

The LG G4 no doubt has one of the best cameras out there. Even though the more advanced V10 is here to take its place, it still remains an attractive deal for the camera enthusiasts. Plus, as a flagship, software updates and new features are warranted too. Let me repeat, LG G4 is everything about its camera. That’s the phone I would always want to have in my pocket for its camera.