This Is LG G4 And It’s Coming To The Carrier Near You

Ladies and gentlemen, LG has launched its flagship phone, G4, as a yearly ritual. We know it was anyways coming and so it’s here. LG has spared literally nothing to build its flagship. It’s making sure G4 will stand tough against the competition without breaking a sweat. Along with high-end specs, LG has made sure to show its craftsmanship as well.


LG G4 comes wrapped in genuine leather, unlike some phones from other OEMs with faux leather. Even in its sans leather avatar, it looks stunning. Its spec sheet will surely have anyone excited. LG has gone with Snapdragon 808, skipping the infamous Snapdragon 810. Unlike Snapdragon 810 which is an octa-core SoC, Snapdragon 808 is a hexa-core SoC with six cores running at 1.8GHz. There’s 3GB RAM as well. While storage is sufficiently capped at 32GB, G4 can support microSD cards all the way up to 2TB. It packs an impressive 5.5 inch with QuadHD (2560×1440) IPS Quantum display.

The high-end camera on LG G4 packs a 16MP sensor with a f/1.8 lens and a larger 1/2.6 inch sensor which should improve low light photography. There’s also OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to dampen those shakes along with fast laser auto-focus. LG has also come up with manual controls for the camera on G4. Continuing with the selfie trend, G4 gets an 8MP front camera with a flashlight. It packs all the connectivity features you’d expect from a high-end smartphone including newer 4K Slimport support.

LG G4 is one of those rare phones to feature a removable battery. It stands at 3000 mAh rating. LG is keeping mum on the pricing and availability of its flagship, but all five major US carriers will have it in their device lineup along with BestBuy and Amazon. Let’s hope it won’t take as long as G3. Meanwhile, T-Mobile is giving away an LG G4 each day until 25th May through its G4 Advance Release Edition contest.