LG G5 Could Come With A Pop Out Battery Just Like Nokia N8 from 2010

If you look around in the Android camp, you’ll quickly notice the trend of non-removable batteries. Even budget phones are not the exceptions. But LG is still that exceptional maker which offers removable batteries even on its flagships, like the recent LG G4 and V10.


It’s (almost) safe to assume that LG G5, next flagship, will also have removable battery. The recent leaks also point in the same direction. CNET Korea managed to contact an eyewitness who has described how the upcoming LG G5 could look like. But LG could be taking a little different approach this time around. As per the latest leaks, LG G5 could have the battery popping out from its bottom edge.


By no means is this a radical design.The Nokia N8 from 2010 (as pointed out by Derrek Leigh) had the same feature. The advantage here is LG will be able to have unibody-like chassis which is not possible with current design where back panel needs to be removed. It could also mean thinner chassis for LG G5. The LG G4 was a no hero when it comes to looks and the design.

After using LG G4 myself, I’m already excited to see what it brings in terms of camera. What about you?

Via: Pocketnow