LG G5 First Impressions

June 9, 2016 0 By Harshal Bhagwat

The LG G5 is probably the first ever commercial modular phone. Naturally, for tinkerers it’s one of the exciting devices. So far the tinkering has been limited to the software. LG looks to do the same to hardware with G5. At the same time, G5 is also its flagship phone, so it has even more responsibility to carry.

I could get my hands on one of the G5s out there and here’s what I think about LG’s modular phone after a few days of usage.

The LG G5 is capable of transforming itself into a whole new device when any module is attached to it. The design itself is premium and gives a premium feeling when you hold the phone. This is also the first time and first in series that a LG flaghsip has rocked metal chassis. It’s definitely an improvement over its plasticky predecessors G3 and G4. This time around, LG has put volume rockers on left side unlike on the back in previous phones. Everyone will have their own preferences. In its original form, the LG G5 weighs 159 gms, which is reasonable.

An unsuspecting button on the left side is a gateway to the magic slot. In simpler words, it lets you attach and detach various modules. I really loved to toy around with the phone as it has perfect size, It is pocket-able and easy to use with one hand.

Fingerprint scanner sits beneath the camera module at the back of the phone along with the LED flashlight. The fingerprint scanner is lightning fast and works pretty well. While I loved the design and feel of G5, I personally would have loved to see Water Proofing and Wireless charging also on it.

The main attraction about G5’s camera is dual lens setup. So let’s just call it dual camera. There’s one 16MP normal lens while the other one has a wide angle and 8MP resolution. The wide-angle lens is particularly useful when you want to fit in a big group of people. Check out the samples.


Wide-angle photo:


It was fun to play around with G5 for over 15 days, and I’m absolutely delighted by the overall performance of the device. The camera module is really interesting and produces crystal clear images. While I’m in love with the magic slot, it will be really interesting to see if the add-ons are arriving in India immediately after the launch of the phone, and how much will be Indian consumers are willing to spend on such accessories.

Check out the LG G5 photo gallery: